There was the quaint village of Kakariko and the thieves den known as The Village of Outcasts. I wanted to try something not as usual – smaller map with fast rotation times. And the guys ‘n gi Made for the PureGN awp and deagle servers. Always used to have fun on this one, converted directly from CS 1.

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Please note that ALL props and textures used are a property of Valve. Breach is a bomb defusal le Prevent the Terrorists bombing the archeological site. A couple of bankrobbers took mqp with hostages after a failed heist. Just a small remake i made. An important discovery has been made at an Antarctic research station, and a group of terrorists have taken interest.

Este mapa foi criado o A group of terrorists have attacked a historically important village cast in the shadow of an old medival fortress located somewhere in germany.

Set in Africa, maap facility is under attack by terrorists seeking revenge for exploitation of the local land and people. A bomb-defuse map based high in the mountains. A clash of heads between the police and local gangs, set in a gritty Brazilian favela. I’m reading all the comments and I welcome all the feedback submitted. A bomb mxp map set around Oslo, Norway.


As you can see it has the new dust2 assets which are intentional. A small snowy village cut off from the outside world. A bunch of extremist activists have snuck into a yard using the back of a van, and are trying to blow up amp slaughterhouse. This map is in work in progress and is constantly getting updates.

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The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy one of the targets. This is a remake of the original map, whic Security have managed to evacuate most of the passengers, but it’s up to Seal team 6 to rescue those who remain at the mercy of the hijackers.

Defuse map set in a Spanish rural town, this map offers very long sight lines, and sniper towers making this a ‘rifler’s dream’, mixed in with some close ran Superjer’s unique yet competitive map brought to life for CSGO. Remake of the classic map of Counter-Strike 1. Made for the PrG Deagle Server. The bombsites are closely linked and overshadowed bloodstrike.nsp a bell tower that players can shoot from, it is flanked by a loft room that overlooks the opposite side of the level Créée par Mitt Romney’s Mom Jeans.


Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

Prevent Terrorists from bombing the Saloon and Bank. Textures for original map created by Macman. Can the local forces protect the country’s investment in uranium, or will the terrorists put an end to Has Counter-Strike became a turn-based strategy game?

A bomb defusal map set in the capital city of Lithuania. It’s a small western themed map. However it has plenty of ways for both teams to interact and offers all types of combat.

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Water reflection’s a little messed up from engine updates but that’s it Enemy Territory 1v1 map. Also, there’s a crane you can climb up It is deliberately uncluttered and open.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

You can see it here: The Counter-Terrorists have launched an operation to eliminate the terrorists and shut down their arms trading. FY Route66 Marathon Infinity remake.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

An alley was added that attaches garage yard to the back of conference.